I listened to a lot of live music and bought a heap of records. One of the most important was by a musician I’d never heard of — a trumpeter called Jon Hassell. It was called Vernal Equinox. This record fascinated me. It was a dreamy, strange, meditative music that was inflected by Indian, African and South American music, but also seemed located in the lineage of tonal minimalism.
        It was a music I felt I’d been waiting for. (Brian Eno on Jon Hassell, from The Guardian, 2007)
Horario de apertura
18 feb. 19h
26 feb. 10-14h
19 mar. 11-14h
2 abr. 11-14h
23 abr. 11-14h
5 may. 19-21h

OTR. espacio de arte
José Trujillo y Elsa López
Dirección artística
Elsa Paricio

Asistencia técnica
Mauro Vallejo y Luz Prado

Mismo Visitante

Asesoría colección
Marlon de Azambuja
Calle San Eugenio, 10. Madrid
(Metro antón Martín)